Dirty Beaches – Badlands

March 9, 2011

Dirty Beaches – Badlands

As far as I’m concerned, saying that something sounds like Suicide is almost always a compliment, and Dirty Beaches’ music sounds a lot like Suicide. It’s hardly just hero worship though – the songs of Alex Zhang Hungtai have got a warped, pitch black, and beautiful atmosphere all their own. Lost Highway style guitar solos bend in and out of highly repetitive rhythms, while Hungtai’s reverb-drenched vocals alternate between Orbison-mining croons of devotion and maxed-out wails of terror. All this makes Badlands one of the year’s most singular and replayable breakouts to be issued on magnificent, crackling vinyl. Miss at your peril.

Dirty Beaches – “Sweet 17”



2 Responses to “Dirty Beaches – Badlands”

  1. […] is another great Montreal label. Very similar to Arbutus and home to my favorite musician “Dirty Beaches” for the Canadian release. (Who I can’t stop posting!) This cool Montreal label […]

  2. […] to the whole album, there was a sense of 1960s nostalgia. It’s a great and sometimes dreamy artfully […]

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