Derek Monypeny – Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce

March 10, 2011

Derek Monypeny – Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce

Some of the most beautiful music being made today is played on the oud- a versatile, haunted-sounding string instrument with ties to Arabic and African music. And Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce, the latest set from the brilliant Derek Monypeny, is perhaps the most complex and forward-thinking set of music for oud in recent memory. These are just breathtaking compositions – stunning in their simplicity and fascinating in their meditative and even mind-altering power. There’s some awesome use of percussion (especially on the sublimely effected second side), but this LP is truly a spotlight for Derek Monypeny and his oud to shine in. Powerful stuff.



One Response to “Derek Monypeny – Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce”

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