Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony

March 17, 2011

Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony

Rene Hell’s latest LP on the esteemed Type Records arrives with an incredible amount of anticipation- in part because of this year’s fantastic collaboration with Driphouse’s Daren Ho as Mandlebrott & Skyy (released on Digtalis in January) and in part because of last year’s magnificent Porcelain Opera LP (also on Type). The Terminal Symphony, however, is a completely different beast. Here, Witscher – while offering similar layers of drones and ambience to what we are used to from the Rene Hell camps – refines his style to a beautiful, tightly composed combination of modern classical and prog influences. References to Philip Glass are all over the place with this one and such comparisons are deserved, but make no mistake – The Terminal Symphony is a unique, singular, and peerless record. Pure artistic vision, executed flawlessly. Hugely recommended.

Rene Hell – “Chamber Forte”


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