Sean McCann – The Capital

March 18, 2011

Sean McCann – The Capital

Among the brightest and most promising bulbs on the proverbial Christmas tree of prolific and starry-eyed drone masters, Sean McCann has truly outdone himself on The Capital. It’s his second full-length vinyl release and first for Belgian imprint Aguirre, and it also happens to be the high water mark for his specific brand of beautifully warped and shimmering ambience. The compositions on this record often carry a classic, orchestral new age vibe, bringing to mind Iasos’s recently reissued Inter-Dimensional Music, with pianos, horns, string and wind instruments floating atop waves of synth – a true journey and a real pleasure to listen to. With the absolute highest recommendation I can offer, I urge you to spend some time with this gorgeous, transcendent, and totally essential album.

Sean McCann – “Star Change” (MP3)



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