Pink Priest & A Grave With No Name – Pink Grave

March 20, 2011

Pink Priest & A Grave With No Name – Pink Grave

EDIT: Now available from Discriminate Music. Purchase NOW!

I’m pretty sure that this one is sold out everywhere now – and for good reason. This is one truly haunting, top-notch split release from the super-productive and constantly-shifting Pink Priest and the undoubtedly-destined-for-imminent-breakthrough A Grave With No Name. Pink Priest’s side is all otherworldly drones and echoes, allowing you to place yourself entirely in the world of the music. Then there’s AGWNN’s side – electric guitar and vocal jams with sublimely unsettling emotional urgency, all melting between field recordings and residue from Pink Priest’s lonely world of ambience. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when this, as well as the rest of Sweat Lodge Guru‘s marvelous new batch is in stock again, but for now check out the this stunning highlight from AGWNN’s side.

A Grave With No Name – “We Passed The Moon”


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