Arcseconds/Sundrips – Split

March 28, 2011

Arcseconds/Sundrips – Split

What better way to start the week than with some brand new Sundrips jams? Their brand of ethereal and impossibly tranquilizing long-form ambient brilliance is truly unique and inimitable. So this new split between Sundrips and newcomers Arcseconds sounds like it will totally hit the spot for me right now. Sundrips do what they do best on their side – guitar and synth drones spiraling toward the heavens, and Arcseconds make their mark with a conceptual, space-themed song suite. It’s all just a stunning set of music – a beautifully refined and vast journey through the mind. Grab this one now, with your choice of purple or black artwork.

Sundrips – “Soft Span (excerpt)”



One Response to “Arcseconds/Sundrips – Split”

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