Bibio – Mind Bokeh

April 1, 2011

Bibio – Mind Bokeh

One of the most fascinating records of the year, Bibio’s latest album Mind Bokeh explores the dense, limitless, and often schizophrenic world of popular electronic music. Bibio, aka Stephen Wilkinson, takes listeners on a vivid spirit journey through earworm clubfare (the fantastic first single “Excuses“) to sleazy department store schlock-rock (the whimsical “Feminine Eye”), and beyond (the gorgeously transcendent “Saint Christopher”), while also covering his pleasantly familiar brand of jazzy electro-acoustic jams. And somehow, even with all this diversity in the tracklist, the album still manages to feel like a coherent and focused work of art. Still – for those who like their electronic records to be homogenous and samey, look elsewhere. For those looking for a wildly unique and constantly surprising record, you won’t find a better one all year.

Bibio – “K Is For Kelson”



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