Lüüp – Meadow Rituals

April 4, 2011

Lüüp – Meadow Rituals

Among the most gorgeous and singular full-length records in recent memory, Meadow Rituals is the second LP from Lüüp, a full on orchestra of talented musicians led by flautist Stelios Romaliadis. Romaliadis’s flute is a key player on the album – especially on the sweepingly gorgeous album standout “Cream Sky,” but on Meadow Rituals, there is no single element rising above the others. Instead, the listener is presented with a pastoral landscape of melody and mood. It can get ominous and dark – like those storm clouds on the cover – but it never ceases to be warm and beautiful. I can honestly say I have never heard a record like this – it’s one you will want to keep close by at all times. Highly, highly recommended. Available on beautifully packaged vinyl and CD.

Lüüp – “Meadow Rituals (album previrew)”


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