UUUUUU – The Astral Travels

April 11, 2011

UUUUUU – The Astral Travels

From the spectacular Canadian label Private Collection comes another wonderfully cosmic experience, this time a CD-R transmission from Scottish psychic Derek McArthur’s UUUUUU project. Aside from carrying the most impractical name outside of the witch haus house, UUUUUU creates truly gorgeous and transcendent music – all layered guitars ascending through twinkly, meditative synth supernovas. It’s really just incredible music – an epic 75 minute journey that keeps you immersed the whole way through. Not to mention, the artwork is some of the best I have seen all year. In short, The Astral Travels is the real deal.

UUUUUU – “Dowsed in Theory (excerpt)”


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