Caboladies – Renewable Destination

May 18, 2011

Caboladies – Renewable Destination

The boys from planet Caboladies have got quite a few notches in their astral belts. They have several widely acclaimed side projects – including Carl Calm and Flower Man – and a number of bonafide classic releases – including the beautiful Crowded Out Memory CD-R and a tremendous split on NNA Tapes with Oneohtrix Point Never. Now, they’ve got a brand new full-length LP release on the supremely classy Students of Decay label. Only 50 copies are available at source – all on unreal orange vinyl. These things will go fast so act accordingly! If you miss out, though, don’t be too upset. The remaining 250 copies should be available at distros sometime in June.

Caboladies – “Collector”


One Response to “Caboladies – Renewable Destination”

  1. […] that everything that comes from the Caboladies camp always maintains a high level of warped, pulsating beauty should only increase the urgency of this recommendation. Inversion Fortitude, a brand new […]

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