KPLR – 12″ EP

May 24, 2011

KPLR – 12″ EP

Everybody’s favorite formless synth weirdos KPLR are back with the vinyl debut we’ve all been waiting for. Two sides of completely warped alien exploration mastered by Brad Rose, this EP is one of the strangest sonic journeys your ears will likely ever be graced with. Noise coming from all directions, the music on this record is a constantly shape-shifting beast, never settling or even slowing. Considering the strength of their still-killer tape on Prairie Fire, it’s no small complement calling this release their fullest and most developed piece yet. Just fantastic stuff, certainly bodes well for their upcoming Digitalis full-length. Highly recommended!

KPLR – “18.S.S.”



One Response to “KPLR – 12″ EP”

  1. […] in everyone’s end-of-the-year lists. Untitled is KPLR’s follow-up to this year’s astronomically awesome vinyl debut, and it pretty much finds KPLR maximizing on all of the things that has made their music so […]

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