Hobo Cubes – Timeless/Mindless

June 3, 2011

Hobo Cubes – Timeless/Mindless

Fresh off a massively successful month-long tour of North America, Hobo Cubes/Hobo Cult shaman Francesco de Gallo has decided to ignore man’s necessity to rest and to instead continue his mean streak with Timeless/Mindless, a brand new CD on Debacle Records. Decked out in characteristically spacey collages by the man, Timeless/Mindless definitely belongs in the “totally warped” section of Hobo Cubes’ discography. There are moments of pure beauty and meditative radiance in the mix, but the majority of the album is just a total mind melter. It goes without saying that it is also one of the finest Hobo Cubes albums yet, but it seems like he’s just gets stronger with each release. A massive album that, obviously, comes highly recommended.

Hobo Cubes – “The Seeking”


2 Responses to “Hobo Cubes – Timeless/Mindless”

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  2. […] and “Your Breath Revives Me”, it is obvious we aren’t dealing with the dimension-bending sci-fi fodder we are used to from the Cubeman. Anything but sappy, these are strange and formless bits of breezy […]

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