Quiet Evenings – Intrepid Trips

June 6, 2011

Quiet Evenings – Intrepid Trips

Intrepid Trips is a monumental release for Grant and Rachel Evans for several reasons. For one, it’s something of a defining moment for Quiet Evenings – a culmination of countless experimentations in synth-based ambient music, resulting in the must stunning and flawless music that either has been involved in yet. Secondly, it’s the very first vinyl release on their marvelous label Hooker Vision, marking a milestone for what started as a super-limited tape and CD-R imprint. Historical importance aside, Intrepid Trips is a gorgeous collaborative effort from Grant and Rachel, bringing their sonic, melodic, and transcendental gifts to a high-water mark. A total new age classic.

Quiet Evenings – “Radiant Endless (excerpt)”



2 Responses to “Quiet Evenings – Intrepid Trips”

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