Big Sky – Creepy Crawl

June 14, 2011

Big Sky – Creepy Crawl

When names like DJ Screw and King Tubby are being thrown around in a tape description, it’s obvious that we are dealing with a truly warped and psychedelic object; something meant to be handled with an open and journeying mind. Big Sky’s new tape Creepy Crawl is, however, much more than the sum of its dubby and dank influences. In fact, the sludgy, swampy movements of Creepy Crawl tend to not only create their own genre but also their own galaxies to inhabit- a place where it’s always summer and the grass is always bright green. Enter at your own risk and know that you might never want to leave.

Big Sky – “Creepy Crawl (clips)”


2 Responses to “Big Sky – Creepy Crawl”

  1. CRIZ Says:

    Just swapped for this.. super excited to hear this.

    Did the package reach you yet?

  2. zeneffects Says:

    Didn’t get it yet but it does usually takes a while for things shipped from Canada. Will let you know when it arrives!!

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