Derek Rogers – The Exhaustion of Emotion

June 15, 2011

Derek Rogers – The Exhaustion of Emotion

Last week, the marvelous California label Bridgetown unveiled a biblical, earth-shattering batch of 15 new releases. Among them is this new release from Derek Rogers, whose masterful Informal Meditations is still echoing in my head. The Exhaustion of Emotion is a similarly meditative album, but maybe think of this one as that tape’s “formal” counterpart. Rogers’ reverberating, droning synth has never sounded more stately and expressive, and his gift for melody is as strong and captivating as ever. It’s just a cooling, refreshing listen – no “Exhaustion” to be found here, outside the title. You can preview this album, and the rest of the batch, in this handy sampler, but be sure to head over to Bridgetown and grab whatever you can as fast as you can.

Derek Rogers – “Unto the Keeper (MP3)”


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