Best of the first half of 2011

June 27, 2011

So, friends, we have reached the halfway point of ‘the year after the year 2010’. And, even if Zen Effects has only been around for four months now, I feel as if I’ve been running this blog forever. To celebrate this turning point in the year (and my life), I have compiled a short list of 12 of my favorite 2011 releases (in no order) that are still available to purchase. I review a lot of music – and I honestly love everything I’ve posted about  (or else I wouldn’t review it)- but this list compiles a short few that are particularly special to me. Click below to check out the list and thanks to everyone for all your support!


Quiet Evenings – Intrepid Trips [review] [purchase]

Organ of Species – Random Selection [review] [purchase]

Peaking Lights – 936 [review] [purchase]

Hobo Cubes – Timeless/Mindless [review] [purchase]

Charlatan – Voyager [review] [purchase]

Nova Scotian Arms – Sacred Drift [review/interview] [purchase]

Matthew Mullane – VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 4 [review] [purchase]

Lüüp – Meadow Ritual [review] [purchase]

White Dog Family Band – Escape The Mystery II [review] [purchase]

Weyes Blood – The Outside Room [review] [purchase]

Derek Rogers – The Exhaustion of Emotion [review] [purchase]

Pulse Emitter – Spiritual Vistas [review] [purchase]



Destroyer – Kaputt

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Seeping Through The Veil of  The Unconscious 

Thoughts on Air – Vent

Panabrite – Nordsee / Contemplating the Observatory

Datshock – Pyramiden von Gießen

Mind Over Mirors – The Voice Rolling

Rambutan – Outside

Boris – Attention Please/Heavy Rocks

Gillian Welch – The Harrow & The Harvest

Reedbeds – G’morning Gomorrah

Liturgy – Aesthetica

Tobin’s Spirit Guide – Homesick

2 Responses to “Best of the first half of 2011”

  1. maarten Says:

    Here are some of my favorites of the year so far. Keep up the great work.

    Afterlife – Hypnautic Rinse
    Ash Borer – Ash Borer
    Black Eagle Child – Lobelia
    Deaf Center – Owl Splinters
    Earn – Performance
    Grouper – Alien Observer/Dream Loss
    High Aura’d/André Foisy – Split
    Hobo Cubes – Timeless/Mindless
    Jürgen Müller – Science of the Sea
    The Psychic Paramount – II
    Pulse Emitter – Spiritual Vistas
    Quiet Evenings – Intrepid Trips
    Sundrips – Just a Glimpse

  2. […] a beautiful and singular work, sounding like an even sparser version of Matthew Mullane’s still-fantastic solo acoustic LP from earlier this year. Great end of summer transitioning tunes. Purchase this, […]

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