Reedbeds – Conifer Compass

July 8, 2011

Reedbeds – Conifer Compass

Reedbeds is the brainchild of calypso-humming, pedal-tweaking, mind-melting guitar-based drone enthusiast Carter Mullin. And even if Reedbeds is just one of his many recording aliases, it also happens to be his most consistent and prolific identity. And Conifer Compass, the latest release under this name, fits very well into the captivating world he’s created thus far. Compass digs a little deeper than the early-morning-easiness of last year’s spectacular Canary Morning, but it’s still a suitably chilled-out and soothing listen. The steady monolithic drone of the first side is matched beautifully by the slow, pensive riffage of side B. And, all together, it might be Mullin’s most moving work to date. Hugely recommended.


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