Fallen Axe – Moments Together

August 5, 2011

Fallen Axe – Moments Together

A simple glance at the tracklist of Moments Together reveals Fallen Axe to be the most romantic outlet for Frank “Hobo” Hoboullette. With song titles like “Matinee Love”, “Old Letters I Kept”, and “Your Breath Revives Me”, it is obvious we aren’t dealing with the dimension-bending sci-fi fodder we are used to from the Cubeman. Anything but sappy, these are strange and formless bits of breezy summer psychedelia: warped and distorted echoes of good times, reverberating in a foggy, underwater garden of memory loss. How’s that for romantic? Grab this for a conveniently reduced price over at Carter “Conifer Enthusiast” Mullin’s Calypso Hum label site.

Fallen Axe – “Told You To Remember” (video by Moduli TV)


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