Cray – Show Fades

August 23, 2011

Cray – Show Fades

Fresh out the gate from Digitalis Ltd.‘s latest batch of summer goodness (which also features the sublime and long-awaited return of Sovetskaya Gone, now represented as S. Gone) comes this awesome tape from Australian dreamweaver Cray. Featuring twelve seminal nuggets of tight library-music and wandering synths, Show Fades slips in between dreaming and lucid states at a rapid, mind-altering pace. Best of all are the tape’s noisy, melodic pieces hinting at a fuller, more melodic sound in Cray’s future. For now though, he’s inhabiting a beautiful world, and Show Fades is a fascinating expression of it.

Cray – “Show Fades [album preview]”


5 Responses to “Cray – Show Fades”

  1. Thanks! I have honestly now 55 unreleased albums. I hid them for the last 7 years and when I got to #50 I decided to tell people about it 🙂 Much more to come 🙂

  2. christopher970 Says:

    brilliant, tape, but am i missing a track? the “Q” tracks are similar and seem to all be in place, but is their really a “Nce clck2” as the final track? Recording directly from my cassette and can only identify 5 tracks on side 2…any insight appreciated…

  3. it should be there but i havent listened to the tape version

  4. nce clk has a ticking stick sound and slow grainy strings

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