The Final Stunned Records Tape Batch

August 30, 2011

The Final Stunned Records Tape Batch

It seems like every day there is a new tape label being started somewhere: young artists trying to get their music to the world in physical formats in the most inexpensive and time-efficient way possible. Some labels disappear just as soon as they emerge; others slowly develop and become productive sources of entertainment and creativity. Then there are those labels that go as far as to create their own aesthetic, promote consistently awesome music, treat customers with respect and care, and basically define a movement.

The label I have in mind, of course, is California-based Stunned Records, whose brilliant colored-pencil-designed tapes and CD-Rs are instantly identifiable in anyone’s collection. And after 3 years of hard work and mind-bending releases, this week Stunned has announced its very last batch of tapes as co-owners Phil and Myste begin their exploration of other realms and other endeavors.

Featuring new releases from Stunned veterans such as M. Geddes Gengras, Parashi, Nite Lite, and several other esteemed artists, this batch is certainly a celebratory and fitting farewell to a label whose existence truly seemed like an era. And although Stunned will be sorely missed by all space-heads of the tape-sharing world, its 136 (!!!) spectacular releases and its enormous influence on the world of underground music will ensure that Stunned Records always remains in our hearts, our minds, and, most importantly, our ears.


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