Panabrite – Omni Center

September 9, 2011

Panabrite – Omni Center

In case anyone had doubts that 2011 has been a year completely dominated by Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, I urge you to take a listen to Omni Center, his most recent CD-R release. One hour of everything that makes Panabrite arguably the most exciting music project around today, Omni Center unfolds into a cinematic whirlwind of ambience and electronic beauty. The retro synth exploration of Wind Rider, the upbeat catchiness of Infinite Pulsation, and the electroacoustic moodiness of Nordsee all make appearances here, creating what is surely the most comprehensive look at Chambers’ talents thus far. Omni Center also breaks some new ground for the Panabrite project, hopefully hinting at a future with more epic full-length releases. Truly something special.

Panabrite – “Spectral Gathering”



One Response to “Panabrite – Omni Center”

  1. […] Chambers has already brought us some of the year’s best music under the impenetrable Panabrite monicker and now he’s introducing us to his newest […]

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