Quicksails – Silver Balloons in Clusters

September 15, 2011

Quicksails – Silver Balloons in Clusters

Straight from the translucent chrome tape factories of Deception Island comes another exceptional and forward-thinking set of gooey synth jammers. This one is from the increasingly awe-inspiring and prolific Ben Billington, aka Quicksails, and it is arguably his finest moment yet. Featuring ten brilliantly paced compositions, this album inserts the listener among its titular silver balloons, floating slowly but surely toward the cosmos. A sense of refinement and beauty permeates through the tape, especially in moments where Billington’s synth is complimented by impeccably-placed drum and percussion parts. It’s a set of music that sounds unlike anything in recent memory and a journey worth taking over and over again.

Quicksails – “A Million Knots”



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