Black Eagle Child – Pages on a Plane

September 27, 2011

Black Eagle Child – Pages on a Plane

To know Black Eagle Child is to love Black Eagle Child. Under this pseudonym, Michael Jantz makes the kind of music that anyone can fall in love with- even children, apparently- one of whom actually has some guest vocals on this brilliant new record. Although Pages on a Plane saw its release this summer, it still stands as a remarkable work and one of Jantz’s most compelling statements yet. Full of luscious, looping guitar melodies, this one even features an absolutely killer track with an uncharacteristic steady, grooving drum beat. Covering new ground while also capitalizing on what he does best, Jantz has made a truly essential album.¬†Purchase this and some other BEC oddities straight from the man himself.

Black Eagle Child – “Cycle to the Moon”



2 Responses to “Black Eagle Child – Pages on a Plane”

  1. […] sincere thanks to Sam at Zen Effects for his mention of Pages on a Plane, which I think maybe is what inspired Altered Zones to mention the album as well. Thank you […]

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