A Full Cosmic Sound – A Full Cosmic Sound

September 30, 2011

A Full Cosmic Sound – A Full Cosmic Sound

In this week’s edition of “tapes that review themselves with their own titles”, Chilean improv ensemble A Full Cosmic Sound has released a self-titled album of unfathomably lush and sprawling sonic mayhem on Brooklyn tape warriors Fabrica that just truly amounts to one full cosmic sound. The five tracks on this tape are about as diverse and wide-ranging as any non-compilation release you are bound to find all year, encompassing most all regions of psych weirdness. It’s a wildly engrossing spirit journey whose echoes will ring in your memory for a long time after the music stops. Insane, chaotic, and hauntingly pretty, A Full Cosmic Sound comes with a huge recommendation.

A Full Cosmic Sound – “Comandante Chubaca Acelere y Entregue el Mensaje”


One Response to “A Full Cosmic Sound – A Full Cosmic Sound”

  1. Eduardo Streeter Says:

    Thanks for the comments! :o)

    Ed. (AFCS)

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