Seziki Tetrasheaf/Quiet Evenings – Split LP

October 20, 2011

Seziki Tetrasheaf/Quiet Evenings – Split LP

One of the many similarities between Rotifer and Hooker Vision – the two labels who teamed up their imprints and flagship artists for this mindblowing split record – is their focus on the quieter side of intensity and the subtler side of beauty. Often, releases on these labels tend not so much to demand complete attention but to earn it through their complex and immersive nature. This release is no different – with Quiet Evenings exploring the soulful, stretching drone of their Intrepid Trips LP to a new meditative high and Seziki Tetrasheaf creating a bubbling soundscape of weirdness that grows and grows as the track progresses. Without a doubt, this is one of the year’s finest mind vacations and a totally fitting celebration of two of the best labels around today.

Seziki Tetrasheaf – “Let’s Do Carpet Beach (excerpt)”


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