The Cats’ Orchestra – Easter Yeast

October 31, 2011

The Cats’ Orchestra – Easter Yeast

Chances are, you’ve never heard music quite like Easter Yeast. It’s an album that runs primarily on chaos, noise, and spontaneity- yet there is total beauty and grace to each of its noisy, subtly melodic, homemade compositions. It’s a completely cohesive work of lo-fi art that functions best as an album- yet nearly every track could stand alone as a highlight. Even if you can’t quite figure out what exactly is going on in the mind of The Cats’ Orchestra mastermind/Dumpster Diver Nicholay Syrov, I’m willing to bet you will be totally moved by (not to mention, strangely addicted to) this album. Big recommendation!

The Cats’ Orchestra – “Ablutionary Ritual”


One Response to “The Cats’ Orchestra – Easter Yeast”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Very true about strange addiction! Can’t stop spinning this little brother…

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