Josh Mason – Temple Bell

November 18, 2011

Josh Mason – Temple Bell

Temple Bell isn’t the first lush, ambient release of the year to divulge itself in the concepts of memory and meditation, but it might just be the most effective of echoing that feeling of drifting into the subconscious, with one’s thoughts becoming increasingly choppy and disconnected with each deep breath. Josh Mason’s world involves spontaneous bursts of buzzes and beeps intertwined with breezy acoustic guitar strums, melodic riffage, and reverberating tones. At times, Mason’s bittersweet electronic emotionalism recalls the sweeping dronescapes of Fennesz, albeit with a more fragmented edge. Comprised of six pieces, all lasting under five minutes, Temple Bell never overstays its welcome and, like a good night of sleep, ends before you’re ready to move on with your life. Just blissful music.



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