Nathan McLaughlin – Echolocation #5

January 4, 2012

Nathan McLaughlin – Echolocation #5

Released on the always-reliable Notice Recordings in April of last year, Nathan McLaughlin’s powerful and majestic Echolocation #5 is a tape that I’ve been listening to extensively. McLaughlin’s music is subtle and textured; repeated listens will reveal a fascinating amount of levels to each sound presented. But there is a gentle, primitive power to these recordings as well. Tape loops and delay are layered to create a steady swell of noise; music that becomes a part of your environment and inseparable from the atmosphere it is in. Echolocation #5 is a force of nature and arguably McLaughlin’s strongest statement yet.


2 Responses to “Nathan McLaughlin – Echolocation #5”

  1. […] with classic Notice attire Reviews : Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly) Jesse Goin (Crow With No Mouth) Zen Effects See Foxy Digitalis interview with Nathan McLaughlin here US & Canada […]

    • elindorff Says:

      Hey, don’t know how that comment posted. Looks like it came about when I was trying to update our site with reviews, and somehow this copied information got pasted here. But I definitely I don’t recall doing that.. Sorry about that !

      – Evan Lindorff-Ellery, co-owner of Notice

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