The Final Stunned Records Tape Batch

It seems like every day there is a new tape label being started somewhere: young artists trying to get their music to the world in physical formats in the most inexpensive and time-efficient way possible. Some labels disappear just as soon as they emerge; others slowly develop and become productive sources of entertainment and creativity. Then there are those labels that go as far as to create their own aesthetic, promote consistently awesome music, treat customers with respect and care, and basically define a movement.

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So, friends, we have reached the halfway point of ‘the year after the year 2010’. And, even if Zen Effects has only been around for four months now, I feel as if I’ve been running this blog forever. To celebrate this turning point in the year (and my life), I have compiled a short list of 12 of my favorite 2011 releases (in no order) that are still available to purchase. I review a lot of music – and I honestly love everything I’ve posted about  (or else I wouldn’t review it)- but this list compiles a short few that are particularly special to me. Click below to check out the list and thanks to everyone for all your support!

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