From the Mouth of the Sun – Woven Tide

Lush and haunting, Woven Tide marks the first releases from From the Mouth of the Sun, the collaborative effort between Dag Rosenqvist of Jasper TX and composer Aaron Martin. Like Martin’s grave, woodsy 2010 effort Worried About The Fire (also released on Experimedia), Woven Tide conjures vivid imagery using sparse, subtle tools. Some tracks disintegrate and dissolve into warm, melodic resolutions, like the entrancing “Color Loss”; in others, tension builds to stunning moments of catharsis, most notably in the gorgeous “Like Shadows in an Empty Cathedral”. As a whole record, Woven Tide is a sublime and constantly shifting work: one that finds both of its illustrious creators in top form.

From the Mouth of the Sun – “Woven Tide [album preview]”



Jeremy Bible – The Journey of Enoch

Even if you’re the most casual fan of the music I write about on this blog, you have probably come into contact with Jeremy Bible a few times through the one-stop mecca-like internet-distro Experimedia, which he owns and operates. Bible is also a notable figure, however, due to his consistently breathtaking ambient and modern-classical records, released sporadically throughout the years on various labels. This particular tape, 2004’s The Journey of Enoch, happens to be a re-release of one of the most influential synth-based drone releases of the last 10 years and a totally killer set that’s been out of print entirely too long. Dark, chilling, and utterly essential.

Jeremy Bible – “The Cavern of Silent Childrne”


Lawrence English – The Peregrine

The Peregrine is the name of a poetic work of fiction by author J.A. Baker published in the late 60s that details one man’s fascination and obsession with a species of birds. The Peregrine is also the name of a new album by modern-classical/ambient monolith Lawrence English that details English’s fascination both with the book and with its subject. In fact, English even spent time with the falcons himself to research the album. And most importantly, The Peregrine is a gorgeously composed and awe-inspiring listen that complements English’s monumental body of work and adds to it another treasure trove of sonic bliss. A triumph.

Lawrence English – “The Peregrine (album preview)”


Keith Freund – Constant Comments

You might know Keith Freud best from his work in good-times husband-and-wife duo Trouble Books, who you might know from their beauteous work with ambient guitar legend Mark McGuire earlier this summer. But all you need to know about Keith Freund right now is that he’s got a fantastic new LP out on vinyl mecca Experimedia’s own label. And on said LP, you can revel in the gentle brush of overlapping electric guitars, the relaxing harmonies of wind chimes, the faint sound of children laughing, and pretty much all else pleasant in this world. This one isn’t available until August 5, but you must order now to secure a limited green vinyl copy.

Keith Freund – “Constant Comments (album preview)”


Jannick Schou – Act of Shimmering

If you think, upon reading the title of Jannick Schou’s brand new release on Experimedia, that Schou will spend his forty-minutes of wax performing the type of beautiful, precious, ambient music for which the term “shimmering” is usually reserved, you best think again. Act of Shimmering is, without a doubt, a beautiful record but the sounds here are wickedly dense. Combing layers of harsh, buzzing guitar drone with otherworldly tape loops and passages of noise, Schou creates a dark and visceral reality. Throughout both sides of this fantastic LP, Schou finds catharsis in this heaviness, and he has created an album that allows listeners to find comfort in a world of chaos.

Jannick Schou – “Act of Shimmering (album preview)