KPLR – Untitled

December 2, 2011

KPLR – Untitled

At last, one of the year’s most anticipated releases arrives just in time for prime placement in everyone’s end-of-the-year lists. Untitled is KPLR’s follow-up to this year’s astronomically awesome vinyl debut, and it pretty much finds KPLR maximizing on all of the things that has made their music so captivating and weird from the beginning. The pieces here are all fully fleshed-out robotic lurches, squirming and stuttering along to their own bubbling beats and chaotic rhythms, building toward chirping climaxes of electronic mayhem. It’s certainly the most epic and cinematic release in KPLR’s stellar discography, and I think this might even be their most danceable music to date. Seriously – this is one magical album.

KPLR – “circuit.rn 1”