Nova Scotian Arms – Cult Spectrum

2011 was another banner year for Grant Evans’ Nova Scotian Arms project, releasing the best tapes of his career as well as making his vinyl debut on the sublime Crystal Anniversary, with wife/partner-in-crime Rachel Evans. Cult Spectrum, however, marks NSA’s first full-length solo vinyl release and undoubtedly his most captivating work yet. Dark and mysterious, Cult Spectrum is an enormous listening experience that combines many of Evans’ talents: long stretches of tape loops, furtive guitar movements, and subtle swells of melodic drone. Cult Spectrum is an enormous victory for the NSA project, and it marks the first truly essential release of 2012 and one of the finest records of its kind in a long time.



Brian Lavelle / Nova Scotian Arms – Split

Tranquility Tapes‘ latest batch of splits is the gift that keeps on giving. Featuring incredible sides from the likes of Calypso Hum top-dog Carter Mullin’s Reedbeds project, Montreal guitar/synth warlocks Sundrips, and both members of Afterlife, these tapes are each wholly essential releases worthy of endless replaying. But the standout remains, without a doubt, this epic from UK veteran Brian Lavelle and ZE mainstay Nova Scotian Arms. Lavelle’s side is a mind-bending journey through astral hypnotism and underwater chimes- a beautiful late night sound explosion. And then there’s the Nova Scotian Arms side, which comes about as close as ambient synth has ever gotten to free-form jazz: the kind of music from which subgenres are born. Head over to Discriminate now and be sure to grab whatever you can from this batch. Excellent stuff.

Brian Lavelle / Nova Scotian Arms – “Split (excerpts)