V/A – Ous Mal Is Dead . . . Long Live Ous Mal

Olli Aarni, the Finnish mastermind behind Ous Mal, has made some enormously captivating and engrossing music throughout the years, inspiring many of the most influential faces in ambient music today. A few of these faces appear on Ous Mal Is Dead, a gorgeously fluid remix album on the unstoppable Australian label Preservation. Contributions from artists such as Black Eagle Child, Nova Scotian Arms, and Motion Sickness of Time Travel explore the versatility and complex beauty of Ous Mal’s music and the understated power of his recordings. As Aarni explores new sectors of music under the Nuojuva monicker, Ous Mal Is Dead stands as a beautiful representation of some of his most brilliant work as interpreted by several of his most talented peers.

Deep Magic – “Parveke (Deep Magic’s Fatal Wound)”



Ous Mal – Riioraa / Viime Talvi

A few nights ago, the power went out and it looked like the apocalypse outside. When the tree limbs started shaking and the thunder started roaring, I ran up to my room and grabbed this Ous Mal tape and blasted it in the dark. I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t just the lightning, but I could have sworn this thing lit up the sky like fireworks. On a less anecdotal note, this Finnish duo has just been consistently cranking out gorgeously faded tapes for the last few years and this double-cassete release on Sweat Lodge Guru marks one of the finest sets I’ve heard all year. Beautiful and melodic drones for attic-dwellers.