Spiral Index – Gilded Dawn

Norm Chambers has already brought us some of the year’s best music under the impenetrable Panabrite monicker and now he’s introducing us to his newest offshoot: the proggy world of Spiral Index. Gilded Dawn is a bright and dreamlike journey into synth-led pop expeditions, sounding like a futuristic hybrid of Chamber’s bouncy masterwork Infinite Pulsations and last year’s still-awesome Discoverer tape on Overland Shark (but with 100% more vocoder!!!). The path of Gilded Dawn, however, definitely takes its own unique course; these songs are cinematic, melodic, and just flat-out epic. My prediction is that, pretty soon, our entire solar system will be echoing with the cries for a vinyl release.

Spiral Index – “Phobos”



Panabrite – Omni Center

September 9, 2011

Panabrite – Omni Center

In case anyone had doubts that 2011 has been a year completely dominated by Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, I urge you to take a listen to Omni Center, his most recent CD-R release. One hour of everything that makes Panabrite arguably the most exciting music project around today, Omni Center unfolds into a cinematic whirlwind of ambience and electronic beauty. The retro synth exploration of Wind Rider, the upbeat catchiness of Infinite Pulsation, and the electroacoustic moodiness of Nordsee all make appearances here, creating what is surely the most comprehensive look at Chambers’ talents thus far. Omni Center also breaks some new ground for the Panabrite project, hopefully hinting at a future with more epic full-length releases. Truly something special.

Panabrite – “Spectral Gathering”


Panabrite – Infinite Pulsation

Early in the year, Digitalis Ltd. released a tape collecting two early recordings from Seattle’s Norm Chambers’ dreamy electronic outfit Panabrite. Aside from being the ultimate introduction to the world of Panabrite, this album is also among the finest releases to grace my tape deck, and it confirmed Panabrite as one of the most exciting artists to watch in 2011. And Chambers’ newest tape, also out on Digitalis Ltd., shows that Panabrite is hear to stay and is hardly a one-trick-pony – exploring the world of synth pop in typically fantastic style. Needless to say, it’s a total masterpiece. I recently had the chance to discuss the tape with Chambers himself, and he had a lot of interesting and exciting things to discuss. A passionate music maker and fan, Chambers talks about his new album, his beautiful artwork, and his upcoming projects, including a new band that sounds like “Gainsbourg-meets-Goblin.” Click on to read!


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The Away Team / Panabrite – Evacuate Planet Earth / Cloud Prism

Hooker Vision‘s latest batch was a huge event in the ambient music world – each release is wholly spectacular and totally consuming. The real standout though is this split CD, a reissue of a tape from last year, between The Away Team and Panabrite. The Away Team’s contribution is gorgeously blurred psych – a spacey and magical view of the future as seen from the recent past, with synths leading the way between passages of rumbling confusion. Then there’s the disc’s second half, on which Panabrite, who has yet to disappoint with any release, explores the most luscious and meditative music of his career, filling the void with dripping melodies and twinkling harmonies. It’s just magnificent music, a CD that belongs in anyone’s collection. Lucky for us, Discriminate has got this and the rest of Hooker Vision’s stunning new batch up now. Grab what you can before they’re all gone!

Panabrite – “Crystal Coliseum (excerpt)”