V/A – Ous Mal Is Dead . . . Long Live Ous Mal

Olli Aarni, the Finnish mastermind behind Ous Mal, has made some enormously captivating and engrossing music throughout the years, inspiring many of the most influential faces in ambient music today. A few of these faces appear on Ous Mal Is Dead, a gorgeously fluid remix album on the unstoppable Australian label Preservation. Contributions from artists such as Black Eagle Child, Nova Scotian Arms, and Motion Sickness of Time Travel explore the versatility and complex beauty of Ous Mal’s music and the understated power of his recordings. As Aarni explores new sectors of music under the Nuojuva monicker, Ous Mal Is Dead stands as a beautiful representation of some of his most brilliant work as interpreted by several of his most talented peers.

Deep Magic – “Parveke (Deep Magic’s Fatal Wound)”



Quiet Evenings – Transcending Spheres

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new material from Hooker Vision family Grant and Rachel Evans’ collaboriate Quiet Evenings project, which obviously means that they have been busy quietly composing a new and colossal masterpiece. In the spirit of giving, Quiet Evenings are delivering just that with Transcending Spheres, their very first full-length CD release – (hard to believe, right?). It’s being released in an edition of 300 by the increasingly awesome Preservation sublabel Circa this May and the pre-order is up already. Judging by how quickly all Evans-related projects tend to disappear – and also judging by the mindblowing sample provided (honestly one of the best QE recordings I’ve heard yet) – I’d say that the only way to act on this one is FAST.

Quiet Evenings – “Transcending Spheres”