Thoughts on Air – Paleo Sails

Paleo Sails, Scott Johnson’s latest transmission under the Thoughts on Air monicker, comes packaged with a whimsical feline-frenzied collage that might stray a bit from the bold, minimalist Avant Archive aesthetic. The music itself, however, is exactly the high quality one would expect from the unstoppable label. Spanning a full hour of brain-melting music, Paleo Sails transforms from murky drone to hazy atmospherics with a gorgeous vocal-infused coda that ties the whole thing together nicely and assures you that, even if your mind may be drifting in and out of your body, Johnson is omnipresently overseeing the chaos. And his vision is uniformly righteous.

Thoughts on Air – “Yarlo”



Thoughts on Air – Lazy Haze

After wowing everyone with his beautiful split with Afterlife and legitimately blowing my mind with a stellar track on the Old Frontiers compilation, Scott Johnson’s warped and lackadaisical ambient project Thoughts on Air has officially earned my attention. So, a 70+ minute tape of new material, what Johnson calls “moon powered couch potato drizzle,” is more than enough to brighten up my day. Limited to 33 copies, this release serves as an awesome introduction to the sonic world of ToA and is also a proposed fundraiser for future releases, from both ToA and the Old Frontiers label. Seriously worth your time and cash.

Thoughts on Air – “Lazy Haze (sample)”